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Undra Cohen "Be-Came That Chick"

Undra Cohen is "Be That Chick" of the Month

"Be That Chick" of the Month

Undra Cohen has a testimony that will inspire so many who walk a similar journey as her! She is the epitome of overcoming the situations life can and will throw at so many people.

"God is Marvelous and so worthy to be praised!", says Undra! n January 25th, 2018 she received the best news. Undra is 5 years Cancer free and also free of Cancer medications! There is no telling her that God isn't a healer and good! There are a lot of Cancer survivors out there that have survived longer than 5 years. However with her life has been a challenge of more than the fight with Cancer yet she has defeated them all! She is thankful that our Heavenly Father blessed her so many times and praises God for bringing her through it all.

Undra says: "I know you can't make everyone believe in God if they don't, but my God how can you not believe in our savior?" She goes further to say: "Look at what's going on in the world today. God's trying to show us what he can do. God is giving everyone a chance to come and go with him on the great day, but a lot of people think they wake up on their own, that they have what they have because of that JOB. Yet all I ask is that if you don't know the lord my our God, that I urge you to get to know him."

If you wonder why Undra feels this ways here is a small snippet of her testimony that gives no justice to her story!

Undra has overcome rape, being beat & stabbed, abuse physically - mentally - emotionally - & event spiritually. But from the grace of God she has lived through it all and maintains her pleasant demeanor and humbleness.

Undra says: "Just try God and see how much better you will feel when he puts true love in your heart. Try to praise him and see how it will set your soul free and on fire simultaneously because he is wonderful! I am not just saying that because of all he has brought me through. I'm saying it because it's true."

Undra Cohen has "Became That Chick" because of her strength and abilty to still remain a humble virtuous woman of God like we all can be if we so choose not to let the world define our action and mindset. Instead we show the world that with God we can overcome any test given. Ladies take with you this understanding and bible verse:

Proverbs 3:6

In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

This is in life with business, spirituality, health, and relationships. In all you do also, put God first!

Written By: Retta Irby

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