Be That Chick & our Great Nation leading out worldwide is in a fight against injustice from a variety of angles and corrupt perceptions.  We stand for justice for all people!  Why, because when we look in the mirror we know to say to ourselves that "I Matter!" and it is that understanding that everyone fighting for justice knows that "You Matter!"


Our causes fight against Violence, Abuse, and Manipulation of all types of negativity!  We battle to end homelessness and major concerns with families in the homes needing support.  We build to help individuals wanting to succeed in life to make it to a point where they are succeeding!  We are against Racism and Terrorism of any type. 


We know that our diverse world will not always agree on every topic, however we know that there is common ground where we can all co-exist justly.  It is because our present and children for generations to come deserve a world that they will be pleased to live inside of.  Support us in supporting our causes that drive the world to a better place!  

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